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Insulag is a range of very light insulation materials. They are all asbestos free.

Insulag 2 is a white powder, which is mixed with water and trowelled or plastered.

It can be used up to 600°C continuous temperature, or as fire protection. Its thermal decomposition is highly endothermic, giving it very superior fire resistance.

Density is around 0.6g/cm³, depending on water addition.

Thermal conductivity is very low, about 0.2W/mK.

Setting time is around 20 minutes.

Insulag 2 has no shrinkage below 600°C

After setting the material is easily cut, machined or sanded.

It will deteriorate if exposed to rain for long periods.

When used as pipe lagging or boiler plaster, no cladding is required.

Mix by hand in small quantities to desired consistency. It will stiffen as the plasticizer dissolves.  Add water as you work, but finish working it within 10 minutes of mixing.

Insulag 1 is the pourable version, for precasting.

Insulag 3 is an ultralight material used in composites.

Insulag 4 is a hard wearing insulation for flooring.

Insulag 5 is very easily removed can be re-mixed with water and re-used. Used where insulation has to be regularly removed for inspection.

Insulag 6 is for cold/ cryogenic insulation. It contains expanded polystyrene in a non-flammable composition.

Insulag 7 is rapid setting insulation.

Insualag 8 is injectable insulation.

Insulag 9 is weather resistant insulation.

Insulag 10 is acid resistant insulation.