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Description; A fine, creamy, self levelling hydraulic bonded, rapid setting castable. It is largely composed of zircon, a zirconium silicate mineral with exceptionally high electrical resistivity. Its main application is the manufacture of electrical components and "potting" applications. After casting it is quite soft and very readily machinable. Normally it is prefired to 1200ºC, to give very high strength, but it can be used after firing to 400ºC. Strengths of up to 140 MPa have been recorded, using it in putty form with +6% water. Shrinkage on firing to 1200ºC is approximately 1% (With +9% water).

Fired colour is buff to beige, unfired it is grey.

Maximum service temperature; 1300ºC.

Chemical analysis;

Al2O3        21%
Fe2O3           0.1%
SiO2           27.6%
MgO              0.1%
ZrO              46.7%
CaO             4.2%
Na2O          0.1%
K2O           0.01%
P2O5          0.1%
Total 100.1%

Mixing; Add plus 9% water for pouring.

Applications; Element supports, leadouts, cuplocks, candle components, bobbins, nozzles, cloning of electrical components.

Packaging; 25kg plastic bags.