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Kertherm is an insulation cover composed of hollow glass spheres, less than «mm in diameter. It looks like light grey powder but is very free-flowing. It contains no carbon. Keratherm has a bulk density of 0,4g/cm³ and a specific gravity of 0,77g/cm³. Keratherm melts at around 1250ºC, but the bubbles do not pop, and the insulation properties are retained well past the melting point. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0,09W/mk. Consequently a layer of Keratherm remains cool on top for a very long time. The use of Keratherm reduces sculling. Keratherm virtually eliminates radiant heat from the surface of a vessel, allowing operators to approach it closely without protection, making sampling and temperature measurement comfortable. Keratherm prevents gas pickup from the atmosphere.

Packaging: 7,5Kg polyethylene bags.

Typical chemical analysis:
Al2O3                37.9%
FeSiO2               47 .5%
TiO2                   1.06%
CaO                   1.22%
MgO                  0.94%
MnO                  0.02%
K2O                    1.5%
Na2O                 0.48%
P2O5                 0.94%

Applications: Ladle cover Tundish cover Ingot cover Skimmer bay cover