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I get many enquires for alumina (Aluminium oxide) but there are a huge variety of grades varying from R172/kg to R325/kg plus VAT.

Some varieties are:

FUSED ALUMINAS; they have been melted at 2000°C.  They are solid and impervious.

Brown fused alumina: Brown, made from bauxite.

White fused alumina: clear to white. 

Fused chrome alumina: Dark ruby and emerald.

Pink fused alumina: contains a small amount of chrome oxide.

Heat treated brown fused alumina: Blue grey

Tabular aluminas: R53/kg + VAT. 99,5% pure, white, mainly used in refractories. bright white, mainly used in Slight porosity makes it bright white.

Polishing alumina : R75/kg + VAT has zero% coarse particles.

Catalyst alumina: Highly porous particles, as balls, “vermicelli” or powder.  New or used.

Pressing alumina: spray dried powder for making abrasion resistant tiles. Very fine -5 micron.

Cell grade alumina: Raw material for aluminium manufacture.  From R10/kg for contaminated.

Volatilised alumina: sub micron particles from boiled alumina.

Splinter alumina: crushed wear resistant tiles.

Natural corundum.

Dross:  the waste from aluminium production. Contains metal, nitrates and many impurities.  Porous.

Grindings: Waste from abrasion manufacture.

Grog: Crushed refractory bricks

Balls: a wide variety of sizes and qualities.

Alumina fibre: High temperature insulation.

Bubble alumina: Hollow alumina balls.

Keraline: Woven alumina textile

Keratab: Powders: add water and pour into moulds to make refractory shapes.

Slip: Powder. Add water and pour into Plaster of Paris moulds. Fire to 1250°C to get hard shapes.

We stock all of these in small quantities.

Most of these come in a wide range of sizes. The main property is hardness, 9 on the Moh scale, just below diamond at 10. We also stock silicon carbide, 9,5 on the Moh scale in 42 different sizes.