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Aureus Industrial sites 
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Wilro Park,1731


Sidewal, open groove:                    4 X 20mm grooves           230 x 230 x 76mm

                                                 3 x 25mm grooves           230 x 230 x 114mm


Pin locking for tilters

                Semi – enclosed :             wild Barfiled type:        Roof        Sidewall and floor

                Enclosed                         Muffles tiles

                Bedded in surface:            Kanthal type boards:      3 sizes

                                                    Smith wheels type boards ( & columns)

                Solid Cast:                        Various

                Perforated Plates               Dense


                Candle discs,      Large


                Candle spiral, terminals and crowns

                Geyser type:      Semi – enclosed


                Muffles:            Grooved              large and Small

                                       Plain,                  made to order

                Element cages : All sizes, made to order

                Radiant tubes cores

2.   Stove Type

                   Candle plates

                   Roof bricks

3.   Ribbon:

                Floor tiles

                Roof hangers, heavy duty


Sidewall hangers ,  Heavy duty


Twist – lock bobbins,   Keratab


Pin racks for twist lock bobbins                 

4.   Wire on tube:

                Heavy duty

                Fibre lined

5.   Glowbar:   Various connector and sheaths

6.   Leadouts : Several models  

Any electrical ceramic part closed from a sample, even if the sample is broken. It takes less than a week and mould cost are around to R230 + VAT depending on size/specifications.