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A patching material for hot surfaces and surfaces difficult to bond to.  Phospatch is virtually impervious.  It is totally silica free and immune to thermit reactions.   It is very sticky and sets in 10 minutes.

Chemical analysis;  Al2O3    88%

                                  CaO      4,5%

                                  P2O5     7%

Maximum service temperature;   1780°C

Density;   2,6g/cm³

Max. particle size;  3mm

Mechanical properties;  Phospatch has an exothermic setting reaction and expands slightly while setting.   It sets in 10 minutes, and grips onto nearly all surfaces, even copper. Phospatch is not brittle; a hammer blow will make a slight dent rather than shatter it. Test cubes on cold crushing strength deform without breaking. The impervious structure gives immunity to chemical attack except on the surface. Strength increases with temperature, but the malleability changes to a more brittle rigid ceramic structure.

APPLICATIONS;    Protection of waffle coolers from molten metal  contact.

                                Patching of launders, flues, any hot repairs of furnaces.

                                Patching of surface contact line in aluminium furnaces to prevent thermit reaction.

Colour;   Pure white.

Mixing;   Mix 100 weight parts powder to 22 weight parts liquid gives a gives a good workability, but can be used from pourable to rammable without any problem.  A lot of gas is evolved during mixing.  Do not make large batches, as the exothermic reaction is self accelerating.   Setting can be retarded by refrigerating the liquid binder.

Patches and castings can be heated up 20 minutes after  mixing.

Packaging;    5kg box repair kit, with mixing bowl and gloves.

                     10kg combined weight packs.

                     25kg packs, combined weight of powder and liquid.

                     25kg plastic bags of powder and 45kg polycans of liquid.

Shelf life;   3 years.

Development no. 39107


Claimer;   This information had better be correct, because Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.