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Ceramic fibre in pumpable form with no binder.
Applications: For installing ceramic fibre in places only accessible by pumping, where it is left completely loose and free to compress and expand with movement. It was developed as insulation for bellows.
Maximum service temperature: 1260°C.
Composition: Ceramic fibre, water and 2,8% organic suspension agents.
Wet density: 0,58g/cm³

Al2O3 46%
SiO2 51%
Fe2O3 10%
Na2O3 + K2O 0.5%
CaO+MnO + TiO2+ Trace elements



Installation: Supplied ready mixed, wet, in buckets. Can be pumped by silicone gun, pneumatic mastic gun, squeeze pump, peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump, piston pump, auger pump or Mono pump. The cavity must be vented to release steam. Pumping can be done hot or cold.

Packaging: 5kg in 10-litre plastic buckets with liners.

Handling: Totally harmless while wet, respiratory hazard when dry, treat as used ceramic fibre (irritant) after firing.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Development no.  146700