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A super light fireproof board. The closest familiar substance would be cuttlefish shell:

  1. It is easily dented by fingernail, but
  2. Cannot be deformed by finger pressure.
  3. It is not brittle; a hammer blow will dent tit not shatter it.
  4. It will absorb lots of water but still float.
  5. It willtake an impression.
  6. It will easily accept nails and drywall screws.
  7. It has negligible abrasion resistance; can be cut, filed and sanded.
  8. It is so non-toxic as to be edible.
  9. It is non-flammable, and gives off only a small amount of vapours when heated.
  10. It has good acoustic properties.
  11. The density is around 0,4kg / litre.

Development no. 102113