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Description :   Fired strength vermiculite based insulation brick

Physical properties

Maximum service temperature  1200°C

Bulk density                0.80g/cubic cm

Cold crushing              3.0Mpa

Linear Change  -0.73% @1000 for 2hrs

Thermal expansion 0.75 @ 20°C – 1000 °C  

Thermal Conductivity     

Chemical Analysis                                  %

SiO₂                                                       54.0

Al₂O₃                                                      29.1

Fe₂O₃                                                      4.5

TiO₂                                                        0.8

CaO                                                        0.5

MgO                                                       9.1

Na₂O                                                      1.1

K₂O                                                        0.9



A high strength vermiculite insulating brick.    Its volume stability and thermal expansion levels make Culite H compatible with normal hot face firebricks. Uses include muffle kilns, pottery and enamelling furnaces backing brick in boilers annealing furnaces, soaking pits, linings for ducts and flues, etc.



40% alumina content mortars of most tradenames.