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Versimould is a range of quick-setting mineral materials with a variety of applications.  The inorganic, but unlike other inorganic materials they are not brittle.   They have properties somewhere between those of concrete and epoxy resins.   See general data sheet on Versimould.


Versimould bond is based on the reaction of soluble acid aluminium Orthophosphate and alkaline powders.   The reaction is strongly exothermic and self-accelerating.


The consistency is like putty with 22% Versimould binder.   The consistency of any Versimould product can be varied by adjusting the powder to liquid ration.


Dry mixes are stronger the fluid mixes.  22% Binder will give 10Mpa.   Fresh samples will deform on the CCS test without fracturing.   When it hit hard with a hammer it will dent and not fracture.

Setting time:

Dry mixes set faster than wet mixes.  Accelerator may be bought separately and added to speed up setting.  Compressive strengths of 20Mpa can be achieved in 20 minutes.  The ambient temperature affects setting speed.  To slow down the speed to get maximum compaction or flow, the materials can be refrigerated before mixing.   Large casting reach higher temperatures as the heat builds up more. At 22% Binder it, will set in one hour. Thermal expansion of trapped bubbles may cause castings to expand.


Wet;       1,95g/cm³ = 1,95kg/litre = 1,95tons/m³

Dry;        1,65/cm³ = 1,65kg/litre  = 1,65tons/m³


PERMANENT LINEAR CHANGE:  Expands 0,2% in a polystyrene mould on setting.

400°C – 0,5% 1200°C -1,3%

COLOUR: light grey when mixed yellow after firing.


Hand mixing is usually preferred as time is limited. Containers must be washed with water as soon as possible after use.   If using a mixer, wash it down at least once an hour, otherwise the deposits stick very tightly.


No precautions need be taken.  Do not spill the liquid on clothing as it is acidic. If you are not using gloves, wash your hands at least  every 20 minutes.

Mould release:  Oils, grease petroleum jelly and waxes all work well.

STRIPPING:    Castings can be stripped as soon as the surface can no longer be dented by pressure from your finger nail.

CURING:        No temperature or humidity control is required.

PACKAGING:   Liquid and powder are packed separately, supplied in the ratio 78% powder (25kg) to 22% Versimould binder (4,5kg).

                    For hand packing installation use one bottle to one bag.

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