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Description:  A quick-setting putty for plugging holes, cracks and apertures in furnaces.

Installation:  mix a very small quantity of the powder and liquid in the ratio 100 weight parts powder to 46 weight parts liquid.  Decide if you want it stiffer or softer and add powder or liquid accordingly.  In most applications less than 1kg is mixed at a time.  If you need more than 2kg at a time, use Versimould Panel.

Maximum particle size: 1mm

Maximum service temperature: 1400°C

Chemical composition:

                                              Al2O3                     45, 6%

           SiO2                       42, 4%

           MgO                        4, 6%

           P2O5                       7, 4%


Mineral composition:

Chamotte, Kaolin, Synthetic corundum, periclase, and phosphates.

Versimould Plug expands on setting, making a very tight seal.  In general, it should not be used to plug cracks on the hot face of furnace brickwork.  It is excellent for patching, as it sticks well, even to hot dry surfaces.

A peculiarity of this material is that it will last in a furnace for many years, but will disintegrate if the furnace is cooled to ambient temperature for a few weeks.

Development no: 6921

Claimer: The above information had better be correct, since Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.