Zircon is a natural mineral ocurring as fine crystals in granite. It is very heavy, hard and chemically inert, so it gets concentrated with other heavy minerals in beach sands. It is extracted together with titania minerals like ilmenite. The sepparation relies on its extremely low electrical conductivity and consequent capacity to retain a static charge. Zircon has very high chemical resistance and is the most important constituent of refractories for glass melting.

Keramicalia makes a coarse zircon castable using recently discovered coarse zircon crystals. It is called Zircast. We also make a zircon mortar which has particularly good adhesive properties.

We make a zircon coating for spraying onto ceramic fibre modules or painting over crumbling brickwork. Our pourable Electricast is our most widely used ceramic for element holders and supports. It can be cast into intricate shapes and is very easy to fettle before firing. We make a stronger, higher purity zircon pourable called Zircon flow.

Next in the range is a self flowing self de-airing castable called Zircon Fine Special. We make a zircon-andalusite castable called Technicast with a very high density and low permeability. It has high strength and good electrical properties and competes with industrial porcelain.

Our zircon rammingachieves high density with spiking installation. Last in the range is a plastic material, zircon mouldable which has very high strength.

Zircon flow is a pourable zircon ceramic. Zircon fine special is a courser version.

Zircon Ferrules

Description; Boiler tube inserts manufactured from pure zirconium silicate.

Chemical composition:

66% ZrO2

34% SiO2

0% CaO

Mineral composition; 100% zircon

Specific gravity; 4,7g/cm3

Hardness;  7, 5 on Moh scale

Chemical reactivity; Almost totally inert.

Acid solubility; HF only

Alkaline solubility; Hot NaOH only.

Sulphur resistance; Immune to all sulphurous gases.

Median crystal size; 4 micron

Porosity; 6-12%

Thermal shock resistance; Excellent.


Description; A vibration castable for severe chemical environments.
Colour; Light brown.
Chemical analysis on dry basis;









Packaging; 25kg plastic bags
Product no. 63704

Zircon 1.PNG

Zircon Mortar

Description; A strongly adhesive hard coating or mortar with chemical resistance.
Density; 3,07
Colour; Light brown.
Chemical analysis on dry basis;




Packaging; Plastic buckets; 2kg, and 20kg.
Product no. 442

Zircon 2.PNG

Zircon Coating

Description; A zircon paint, water based, supplied wet in buckets

Applications; Sealing porosity of furnaces and brickwork and ceramic fibre. Foundry mould coatings. Preventing adhesion of metal splash. Reducing splash from cardboard sampler tubes etc. Surface hardening of insulation materials.May be used in contact with molten metals. Reducing wettability of refractories. Reducing alkali attack on crucibles.

Mix it before application to get it all in suspension. On very smooth surfaces it may crawl; add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to prevent this.

Colour; Light brown.
Viscosity; 80 Baum.
Density; 2,0 g/cm³
Chemical analysis on dry basis;

Packaging; Plastic buckets; 2kg, and 20kg.

Zircon 3.PNG

Zircon Ramming

Description; A fine zircon ramming refractory. It requires intensive ramming with a sharp pointed instrument, but gives very high density.

Chemical analysis;

Density; 3,5 to 3,7g/cm³









Note; The standard sand rammer test will give a density of about 3,34g/cm³. To achieve full density, ram 400g 20 + 20 blows, repeated 3 times, to get a density of 3,5 to 3,7g/cm³ plus.
Packaging; 20kg plastic buckets
Shelf life about 6 months.

Zircon 4.PNG

Zircon Mouldable

Description: A high strength, abrasion resistant plastic material.  Applications; Patching of areas subjected to intense chemical corrosion.
Density: 3,32 wet, 4,14 dry.
Colour: Brown.

Chemical analysis on dry basis;

Packaging: Plastic buckets; 2kg, and 20kg.

Product no: 63808

Zircon 5.PNG

Zircon Flow

Description: A self flowing pourable ceramic for severe chemical environments
Density: 1610g wet cube
Colour: Light brown.
Water addition: +6,5%

Chemical analysis on dry basis:

Packaging: Plastic buckets; 2kg, and 20kg.
Product no: 36158

Zircon 6.PNG

Zircon Fine Special

Description: A self flowing castable for severe chemical environments.
Density: 1480g wet cube
Colour: Light brown.
Water Addition: +9%
Chemical analysis on dry basis:

Packaging: 25kg plastic bags
Product no: 63705

Zircon 7.PNG