Dave Onderstall is the sole owner of Keramicalia. We manufacture a vast range of specialized refractories and moulding materials. All of them are unique to Keramicalia and we have a unique in house Q.A. system aimed at research and development, not mass production.

Most of our materials are batched in 8kg to 25kg bags. This means that there is no variation from segregation from bag to bag. Note that Keramicalia data sheets carry a claimer. Other manufacturers have a disclaimer to indemnify themselves from non conformity. Dave Onderstall accepts full responsible for the conformity of each bag.

We do not make standard materials or equivalents to other products. If a formulation is not superior in some way, we do not manufacture it.

All products are developed in house, from about 1000 development projects. Our products cover a much wider range of technologies than those of any other manufacturer.

We are therefore able to supply products more appropriate to every application. We have 350 running metres of shelves containing samples of every material we have developed. We have 186 lever arch files of development projects. We can therefore supply your exact requirement or modify the closest material within hours or days to fit your exact requirements.

Keramicalia consists of 5 mini factories, but only 10 staff. Our response time is therefore extremely fast. Most orders are delivered the same day.

We have developed a wide range of rapid moulding techniques and can produce many new precast items at one day’s notice.

We have been on the same premises in Randfontein for the last 26 years.