Refractory Bricks

We manufacture a variety of bricks to customers’ specifications, plus a variety of standard element bricks.

See “Precast” for various elements slabs, tiles and boards.

We stock B6 insulation bricks and can supply most chemical types bricks.


We stock a range of firebricks for pizza ovens, fireplaces and braais etc.


High fired clay bricks

Dimensions: 220mm x 104mm x 70mm

Pallet: 500 bricks

Total weight: 1.2 tons.


These are used on the floors of fireplaces, braais, bomas etc. They are dense and smooth.

Use 44 bricks per square metre.

Dimensions: 220mm x 110mm x 50mm

Pallet: 500 bricks

Total weight: 1.4 to 1.5 tons.

Super duty

For furnaces, particularly forge furnaces where there is high abrasion.

Dimensions: 230mm x 114mm x 76mm “squares”

Weight per brick: 4.6kg.

Dimensions (side arches): 230mm x 114mm x 76/51mm

Weight per brick: 3.84kg.

No minimum quantity.

B6 Bricks

Insulating Firebricks (IFB’s) for furnace insulation (IFB’s) for furnace insulation. IFB’s are made worldwide in various temperature ratings. They can be very dodgy, so we stock B6, rated 1400°C because they are excellent quality and we get no comebacks.

They are strong, yet can easily be cut with an angle grinder, in fact even with a wood saw although they wreck the blade. They have an even texture and no cracks.

Size:     230mm x 114mm x 76mm

Maximum service temperature:       1400°C

Bulk density:   0,8 to 0,9 c/cm³

Cold Crushing Strenght:         2,4 MPa

Thermal Conductivity:

JIS R2616 ASTM C182.88
at 400°C 0,28 W/mK 0,33 W/mK
at 600°C 0,32 W/mK 0,38 W/mK
at 800°C 0,36 W/mK 0,43 W/mK
at 1000°C 0,39 W/mK 0,47 W/mK


Packaging:      8 per box