Keraforce is a composite of ceramic slurry and geotextile cloth. The slurry is mixed, powder and binder, to a paint consistency. The geotextile or any other textile is dipped into the slurry and then applied to the object to be reinforced. The reinforcing can be applied to: pipes, kiln cladding, rusted metal, expanded polystyrene, rotting wood, cardboard, masonry, cracked plastic or anything that needs repair or strengthening.

It sets in about 4 hours, hardens overnight and gets full strength after about 2 weeks.

It can also be used as a substitute for fiberglass; thick laminates can be regarded as the mineral equivalent of Tufnoll. It resists water, fire, ultra-violet light, abrasion, chemicals and solvents.

Our preferred application is onto expanded polystyrene. The result is a very strong, very RIGID structure. We make housing panels and even ladders with this technique. The ladders are more rigid and steady than wood and aluminium.

The slurry used is Reforce powder and Reinite (liquid) binder, in the ratio 58 weight parts to 42 parts liquid. At this ratio it has the consistency of paint. Geotextile or SBP waterproofing membrane is dipped into it or coated through our automatic coating applicator. It is then placed onto the surface to be hardened and squeezed to release trapped bubbles. It hardens in about four hours. The hardness is the most distinctive feature and the rigidity is next. It is a great alternative to fiberglass. It has higher rigidity than fiberglass. Most important is that it is clean to work with. Wipe bench down with a wet rag, and there are no itchy fibres. This material has a slight expansion on setting. This can be a problem in internal moulds.

For internal moulds, use Innerforce, which has a slight contraction on setting. It sets faster, about 1 hour. It is mixed 100 weight parts powder to 37 weight parts of water. The setting reaction is highly exothermic.

Bio White is similar to Innerforce but is bright white in colour. Recommended for architectural panels. Technocoat is the waterproof version of Reforce.

Other ceramic slurries are available. They should technically be classed as cementitious materials, but this gives the impression of something more like cement than ceramic. We bend the definition to give a clearer picture.

Reforce and Reinite slurry sets in 4 hours, can be stripped and sanded after 24 hours, and is ceramic hard after 2 weeks.

The colour varies from batch to batch; white, pinkish, grey brown to “Maltabella”. It lightens over time.

Make beams stronger than new wood

Take an old rotten plank. Wrap with Keraforce. Clamp it straight.
Building a house.
Adding windows and planter.
Inside of the house.
The roof.
And a kitchen unit formed around cardboard boxes.
Different items made of Keraforce.
A ladder to the mezzanine floor.
A leaking reservoir fixed with Keraforce
Fire protection pipe made of Keraforce.
Build a lean-to. This one used old rotten planks covered with Keraforce.