Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens cook by radiant heat from above, and conducted heat from the floor. The air sucked over the pizzas through the mouth towards the fire is COLD, DRY air. (Electric ovens cook in hot, damp air, and produce soggy pizzas.) The flame must be drawn over the roof, so the smoke off take must be near the door. The fire must be at the back of the oven. The roof must be an insulating material (Keratuff 2), so that it heats up rapidly and radiates the heat into the floor.   The floor must be a dense, heat retaining material (Pizza Oven Floor Mix), because once the pizza is on it, it receives no additional heat.

Commercial Pizza oven kits

These are supplied in kit form, with a hemispherical dome 1,2m inside diameter or 1,4m inside diameter. We do not install them.

The kit is for the working parts only and does not include the exterior finish. The oven is a fuel efficient, rapid heating, wood fired oven.

The kit consists of:

Dome with preformed mouth

Smoke off take

Floor tiles

Fire brick arch

Fire bricks for skirt

Keratuff 2

Chimney pipe

Kerasil Mortar

Damper block


Description: Keratuff 2 is a structural insulating refractory. Insulation materials are normally only usable as a backing or with some kind of structural support. Keratuff 2 has sufficient strength to be a free standing structure. It has low permeability and is easily machined or cut when dried or fired. Wear dust mask when machining.

Applications: Electric kiln walls and element holders, crucible furnace lids, heat shields, masonry protection  in charcoal ovens, aluminium launders, burner shields,  machined components.

Thermal conductivity:

200°C 0.2W/mK
400°C 0.2W/mK
600°C 0.23W/mK
800°C 0.28W/mK


Maximum service temperature: 1220°C.

Permanent linear change at 1200°C: -1.9%.

Density: 0.8 g/cm³ dry.

Strength: 6 MPa at 110°C, 6 MPa fired 1200°C.

Composition: Contains Hollofill and synthetic aggregates, and zirconia containing ceramic fibres.

Preparation: Add +40 to +50% water to the powder, mix well and apply it. It can be vibration cast at +40% water, +50% is easier to apply by trowelling. Water content is not critical and need not be measured. Extensive mixing and trowelling improves the fibre dispersion and improves strength. All particles are less than 2mm diameter. Setting time is about 1½ hours.

Colour: Grey. Yellow when fired 1200°C.

Packaging: 10Kg in thick polythene bags.

Development no: 11682

Pilot plant code: PGK.

Pizza Oven Floor Mix 

This is a high density thermal shock resistant mix designed to store heat. It can withstand repeated heating to 900°C and quenching in water. The high density results in high thermal mass, and the material has found a number of applications for heat storage and others for heat dissipation.

Density: 2.8kg/l

Maximum service temperature: 1100° C.

Cold crushing strength: 20MPa

Maximum particle size: 6mm.

Water addition: +9%


For pizza oven floors, vibration cast the floor upside down on a sheet of smooth formica, about 25mm thick. This gives a very smooth surface, which makes pizzas easy to handle even if the base is soggy.

Packaging: 15kg plastic bags.


Kerasil mortar is supplied wet in buckets, ready to use. It  has a soft consistency and is almost fluid. It coats very well and easily to all surfaces, and sets very hard and strong. It sets rigid and permanently and should therefore be used with discretion in moving structures.

Kerasil mortar can be smeared, trowelled or buttered, and has particularly good penetration and adhesion. It can be diluted with water to make it thinner.

As a brick mortar the soft consistency allows thin joints to be made. As a fibre module cement it gives a considerably larger contact area than normal mortars. Kerasil mortar gives excellent adhesion to calcium silicate boards. A thin dry film develops rapidly on the exposed surface, so bonding should be performed quickly.

Kerasil mortar is 90% pure and can be used up 10 1300˚C. It is light brown when wet, and becomes almost white when fired.

Packaging is in 20Kg plastic buckets with liners. Some liquid will sometimes be found separated on the top. Mix it back into the paste. Add water to the desired consistency. Keep the lid closed when not in use. Wash hands well after use and apply a moisturizing cream. Be careful of hardened spillage on the bucket surface, it can be razor sharp.

Pilot plant codes PHJ

Dev No: 16911